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Hier & Haines provides Hair Extension services courtesy of the Great Lengths hair extension system. This system is a patented, revolutionary technology for the application of 100% natural human hair strands. It uses only “same direction root-to-end” cuticle 100% human hair for tangle-free styling. It can be permed or colored after application and the bonds are virtually undetectable. With a molecular structure similar to human hair, bonds are light and comfortable to wear and withstand the most active lifestyles.


The Origins

This hair extension process, which is based upon a progressive heat transfer system that bonds fabric to fabric on a molecular level, was invented by David Gold, founder of Great Lengths. When this process is applied to hair extensions, it molecularly bonds extensions to natural hair resulting in an extremely resistant attachment.

While working with textiles, David also came across a process by which pigments are gently removed from wool, without the traditional use of harmful bleaches. He adapted this process to human hair and uses this to offer incredibly healthy hair in a great range of colors. The resulting system used for hair extensions is extremely versatile, exceptionally safe, and virtually invisible.

How It Works
The Great Lengths system uses only 100% human hair…healthy, soft and naturally textured. The hair is gathered so that all cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction, with every strand uniform in color, texture and diameter. Each strand is pre-bonded with a protein polymer – a chemical compound that mimics the hair’s molecular structure. The protein polymers are activated when an advanced high-frequency instrument is used to attach the strands.

The Options
Great Lengths pre-bonded strands are manufactured in standard, fine and extra fine widths. More than 45 classic colors are available, with fashion colors introduced seasonally. In addition to width and color options, Great Lengths offers straight and wavy textures.

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Great Lengths USA

Great Lengths USA is the exclusive distributor, educator, marketing and advertising resource in the USA for Great Lengths International products and service delivery methods for the professional application of 100% human hair extensions.

Great Lengths USA is committed to the ongoing endeavor of providing the best hair extension application technology, education, marketing support and service to the professional industry we serve. Our rigid, selective salon distribution policies, as well as our programs and education requirements, are in place to assure the consumer that the stylist members of the Great Lengths Certified Salon Network are the most highly trained, technically skilled and professionally committed stylists in the professional beauty industry.


  • 100% Human Hair Extensions
  • Vivid Pure Pigments and Jewel Color Extensions
  • Swarovski Crystal strands

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